Places to Visit: Yountville, CA

Located in the heart of wine country of Sonoma county Yountville is the most elegant town filled with vineyards. Last Valentine’s day my boyfriend and I spent the day at Yountville after enjoying a chilly 6AM hot air balloon ride. The company we chose for the day’s program was Napa Valley Aloft. They were welcoming… Continue reading Places to Visit: Yountville, CA

Monday Musings

Well hello ! Long time no see.. but with the first month of school finally coming to an end I feel like I have my life together and can now post more often. So here are my Monday Musing (: { Yummy desserts from local Mexican Bakery} { Fresh fruit from Anthony’s backyard} { Most… Continue reading Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Nothing better than a little inspiration on Mondays to keep our spirits alive and fueled for the week ahead. Here are┬ásomething’s to keep in mind and ponder over. Happy start of the week ! 1. Road Trips: Summer is not quite over yet. According to the our calendar there are 58 days left of summer… Continue reading Monday Musings

Trip Tips: Disneyland

Well, if Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on earth I don’t know where else it could be. For the 4th of July weekend my family and I decided to endure the long lines and 2 minutes worth of adrenaline while surrounded by our favorite childhood memories. Yes, Disneyland for fourth of July could be a… Continue reading Trip Tips: Disneyland