25 Days of Christmas: Thankful

25 Days of Christmas: Thankful

So my plan was to post from the 1st of December until the 25th.. Christmas. But then .. life happened. Finals, projects, more finals.. barely any time for leisure. However, there are 12 day until Christmas and I’m always hopeful of a little Christmas Miracle, so let’s see how many posts I can get to.

Now getting to the point of this. As you probably already saw, this post is about giving thanks. I don’t agree to only publicize how thankful you are about things in life during Thanksgiving, so today I will tell you all what I’m thankful for:

1. God and everything he has done for me
2. Family and new found friends (since I am now in college)
3. My education. I absolutely love school and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my career path
4. Health
5. Cozy blanket + tea combo
6. Being able to voice my opinions, having freedom.
7. The beautiful chilly morning view from my dorm window
8. Music !! I wouldn’t be able to get through finals w/o my man Micheal Bublé
9. for all the little things that make life special

photo credit: ffourseason.tumblr.com


Flowery Thursday

  Last Thursday I was invited to a barbecue at a childhood friend’s house. It was simple and family oriented. Because I woke up rather lazy that morning I opted for a maxi dress, extremely simple and yet cutesy, perfect for a morning/afternoon event. It saved me sometime from planning out an elaborate outfit.  

Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Beach cover up – Mom’s closet, sunglasses – Urban Outfitters, swimsuit top – Victoria’s Secret, swimsuit bottom – H&M

(Location/Lugar : Barreirinhas – MA, Brazil)

I could not have chosen a better picture for my first blog post. In many ways this picture represents a little bit of all that I hope to introduce on this blog : fashion, vacation, moments of reflection, and more.

This past month I was blessed with a trip to Brazil ( aka homeland), it has been the best 45 days of my life. Here I was able to revisit the place where I was born and my family. I traveled to cities I had never visit and eat lots and lots of great food

This trip, along with the blog will mark a new chapter of my life.

With love,


Eu não poderia ter escolhido uma imagem melhor para o meu primeiro post do blog. Em muitos aspectos, esta imagem representa um pouco de tudo o que eu espero  introduzir neste blog: moda, viajems, momentos de reflexão, e muito mais.

No mês passado eu fui abençoada com uma viagem ao Brasil (oh, pátria amada), tem sido uns melhores 45 dias da minha vida. Aqui eu pude  revisitar o lugar onde eu nasci e minha família tb. Eu viajei para as cidades que eu nunca tinha visitado e comi bastante.

Esta viagem, juntamente com o blog irá marcar um novo capítulo da minha vida.

Com amor,