Coachella Survival Tips

It’s that time of the year again, with festival season coming in full force here’s what you need to know to make your experience THAT much better.


1. Bring a Camelback

The heat in Coachella Valley kicks in early in the morning and although there are plenty of places that sell water (super pricey water), the free water fountains are no close to any of the performance tents. So bring a camelback and fill it up with water before heading to your favorite show.

2. Snacks will be your best friend

Everything sold at festivals is over priced. Instead of spending your money in a $20 burger, bring a variety of non-perishable snacks like tangerines, oranges and trail mix to your camping site. Snacks high in protein and fiber will keep you full throughout the day without breaking your bank. But it’s okay to indulge in a $8 watermelon for that insta pic.

3. Forget heeled booties

Unless you own the MOST comfortable pair of heeled booties, don’t wear them. I nearly died by the end of the night and had to walk barefoot in the dark. Stick to flat, comfortable closed toe shoes. Your feet will thank you later.


4. Bring a portable solar charger

The lines for the outlet are everlasting! So why wait in line when you can charge your phone with the sun ? Go green and care-free!

2015-04-18 19.37.35

5. Go on the Ferris Wheel

It may be silly to go on the ride when there is so much more to see. But on the other hand, you can grasp the most beautiful view of the palm trees and neon lights from the top of the Ferris Wheel. The ride gives you a nice break from walking around aimlessly before your next show, offers a nice cool breeze to help you beat the heat and gives you time take to take it all in- the Coachella experience is one of a lifetime.

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