Travel Tips: Sao Luis, Brazil

This past December/January I had the privilege to travel back to Sao Luis to visit my family. I spent three fun weeks full of gourmet meals, coconut water and sun!

I thought I’d share my top three restaurants. The trip was mostly for me to spend time with my family and relax before the new semester so I didn’t take as many pictures as last time.


To start off I highly recommend Landruá located on Ave. Litorânia.

Torta de sururu

The quaint restaurant has beach chic, cabana style décor with three levels. The main seating is inside the restaurant, the second is just bellow on a paved part of the beach and the second seating arrangement is on the sand. Unless you are spending your day at the beach swimming in the ocean and sun bathing I’d recommend staying on the paved level because you can still get great ocean views, hear the live music (at night only) and enjoy your meal without getting tickled by the sand.

When ordering go for the salt water crab dish or the Torta de Sururu (pictured above), which is like a crustaceous frittata. Yumm!


Sal e Brasa:

If you are looking for an amazing buffet of Brazilian style steakhouse, Sal e Brasa is your place.

For only $20+tax you will be welcomed by a gourmet buffet filled with different cheeses, salads and appetizers. If you have never been to a Brazilian steakhouse they serve in a Rodizio manner. Different servers will walk around offering different types of meat fresh off the grill.

Image Source: Google Images

Vignoli Pizzaria

If you are a pizza lover, Pizzaria Vignoli has an exotic menu with great pizzas. The dough of the thin crust is made to perfection. Try the garlic pizza, you won’t regret it.

Image Source: Google Images

All restaurants are located on Avenida Litorânia with beautiful ocean views.


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