Places to Visit: Yountville, CA

Located in the heart of wine country of Sonoma county Yountville is the most elegant town filled with vineyards.
Last Valentine’s day my boyfriend and I spent the day at Yountville after enjoying a chilly 6AM hot air balloon ride.

The company we chose for the day’s program was Napa Valley Aloft. They were welcoming and very patient (we were 30 min late). The ride was lovely, I didn’t even feel the balloon ascending.

and oh … the views. Absolutely stunning.

It was definitely a ride to remember.

After the hot air balloon ride there were breakfast packages that included a gourmet meal accompanied by mimosas.

2014-03-24 09

Although everything looked charming, our underage selves enjoyed orange juice and the “adults” on our flight enjoyed their mimosas.

If you are planning your next getaway keep Napa valley in mind !




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