B-A-N-A-N-A-S !

Are you ready for banana overload ? That’s what this post is all about!
Today, as I made lunch, I noticed an overripe banana sitting on my mom’s fruit bowl and since it saddens me whenever I see food being throw away, I decided to make use of the black banana and make banana bread !
Then I remembered I had frozen slices of banana in the fridge, so out of that came * drum roll* almond banana ICE CREAM, or as the fitness world calls it: Nicecream.
The recipe for the banana bar or bread is from Cooking Classy. Awesome and easy!

banana cake edit 2

Now, for the ice cream .. here’s how to make it:

banana cake + ice cream edit

1. Slice banana and freeze overnight or until rock solid.
2. Place frozen bananas into food processor and process until creamy
3. Add a couple of drops of Almond Extract to the mixture as it’s being processed

.. and that’s it !

* You can add anything to the food processor to flavor your ice cream, just use frozen bananas as a base.

Hope you try it out!



ice cream edit 2

Gente, hoje fiz bolo de banana e sorvete de banana e amêndoa. A receita do bolo esta no link acima (Cooking Classy ^)

Como fazer o sorvete ? Olha  :

1. Uma banana cortada em pequenas fatias e depois congelada
2. Coloque no liquidificador ou food processor
3. Adicione 2 gotas de extrato de amêndoa

Pronto,  deixar tudo mixturar ate ficar cremoso !




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