Monday Musings

Nothing better than a little inspiration on Mondays to keep our spirits alive and fueled for the week ahead. Here are something’s to keep in mind and ponder over. Happy start of the week !

1. Road Trips: Summer is not quite over yet. According to the our calendar there are 58 days left of summer and plenty of time to get away on weekend road trip. Take advantage of summer solstice and enjoy the warmth while it lasts.  

 Faça viagems de carro !DSC_0697 2. South Lake Tahoe- Speaking of trips… South Lake Tahoe is a great option any time of the year. Enjoy a scenic drive over the mountains along with paddle boarding or other water sports. Lake Tahoe is always a go!

Visite o lindo South Lake Tahoe na California em qualquer temporada!


3. Shop Locally- Farmer’s markets and local co-op are all the craze lately and for a good reason. Support your local farmers and enjoy great fresh produce. Not only will you be making a change in your community you will feel better and be healthier.

Faça mercearia em mercados locais. Apoie seus fazendeiros locais e desfrute de produtos frescos. Voce estera ajudando sua comunidade, vai se sentir melhor e mais saudável.

2014-07-08 13

4.World Cup – Am I the only one who’s sad that the world cup is over ? Well.. two more years until the Olympics !

Copa do Mundo – Eu sou a única que esta triste que a copa do mundo acabou? Bem. .. mais dois anos, até as Olimpíadas!


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