Trip Tips: Disneyland

Well, if Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on earth I don’t know where else it could be.

For the 4th of July weekend my family and I decided to endure the long lines and 2 minutes worth of adrenaline while surrounded by our favorite childhood memories. Yes, Disneyland for fourth of July could be a bit intense but any time is a good time to have fun.

So here are a couple tips to get you by:

DSC_1011 (2)

1. Wear comfortable shoes: yes, this goes without saying but even I suffered the wrath of wearing the wrong shoes to Disneyland. Ked’s or Nike Roshe are a great stylish option that will endure the hours of fun.

2. Sun Screen: It’s not the beach but trust me, you will get toasty.

3. Book the nearest Hotel: We stayed at a hotel about 4 blocks from Disneyland so the walk wasn’t so bad plus, the park parking is also about 4 blocks from the resort so you might as well park near. It gives you the option to take a break for a quick recharge nap during your stay.

2014-07-08 12.28.41DSC_0752 (2)

4. Fast Passes: Take advantage of fast passes, it will save you a lot of time and stress.

5. Where to dine: our favorite restaurants from the trip was the Palace Inn, sweet décor and best chocolate cake and pot roast of my life (!) and Cafe Orleans, located inside New Orleans, if you’re there at an specific time the band will come out and play in the patio. If you have a chance book a table at the  Blue Bayou restaurant, which is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.2014-07-06 16.16.16

6. Attractions: whatever you do, don’t leave Disneyland without seeing the Aladdin show at California Adventures. I don’t want to  spoil it but it will be an experience of a life time.



xo,  Andrea


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